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1) How do I purchase Remington Defense products as a private citizen?
Remington Defense sells exclusively to military and law enforcement agencies and contractors. To check the availability of similar products for civilian sales, please see the full line of firearms, ammunition and accessories at
2) Where do I find pricing for various Remington Defense products?
We do not publish pricing due to contractual issues. If you are government buyer or contractor, please submit the inquiry form below
3) How do I become an international Remington Defense distributor?
Please submit the inquiry for below and include information on the country and market you are interested in.
4) Will Modular Combat Shotgun (MCS) components fit my Model 870 shotgun?
No, most MCS components are specific to the unique design of the system.
5) Are all Remington barrels hammer forged?
No.  Most of our production rifles and shotgun barrels are hammer forged, though we do use various barrel manufacturing techniques to suit the unique needs of various weapons and systems.
6) Does Remington make all of its own barrels?
No.  While most of our barrels are made in-house on our state-of-the-art cold hammer forging equipment, we do source barrels from various industry leaders based on the requirements of our customers.
7) Can I buy products directly from Remington as a private citizen?
No.  Remington does not conduct direct, individual sales.  For a list of retailers, please visit
8) Is the M24 SWS available for sale to civilians?
Yes.  Please visit to find an authorized Remington Distributor.
9) Can armor-piercing ammunition be used in the M24 SWS?
Yes.  Quality, NATO-Spec AP ammunition will not harm the M24 SWS barrel.
10) Can tracer ammunition be used in the M24 SWS?
Yes.  Tracer ammunition does not ignite until it leaves the weapon’s barrel, thus it will not harm the weapon.
11) Do I need a stand-off device on breaching shotgun?
This depends on the requirements and tactics of your unit.  The absence of a stand-off will not cause damage to your barrel, as long as proper breaching technique is used.
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