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firearm sniper m24
firearm sniper m24
firearm sniper m24
firearm sniper m24
firearms m24M24Systematically eliminating all variables, the M24 is based on the legendary Model 700™ and 40-X™ rifles. Its unmatched accuracy and reliability have made it the standard in long-range tactical situations, and our Sniper Weapon Systems make outfitting your operation as efficient and simple as possible. From the basic M24 Sniper System – the standard for the U.S. Army since 1988 – to the super-advanced M24A3 package, we include the world-famous rifle and all the premium, service-proven components you need. firearms m24 a2M24-A2The M24A2 Sniper Weapon System (SWS) is an upgrade of the legendary M24 SWS bringing this combat-proven platform into the 21st century. While the M24 SWS has set the standard for military sniper systems, accessories and environments have changed significantly requiring the modern sniper to change with it. The M24A2 allows today’s sniper to take advantage of the advanced ancillary systems currently in use. firearms m24 a3M24-A3The M24A3 is based on the legendary M24 Sniper Weapon System (SWS) and features a host of significant modern upgrades, including chambering for the ultra-powerful .338 Lapua Magnum long-range cartridge. This system is designed for the professional operator who wishes to engage targets in excess of 1200 meters. The system comes as a complete package ready to deploy immediately.
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